He buys me cake?

I'm getting such mixed messages from this guy. Basically we work together but in different departments so only knew each other a little, but a few days before my birthday we are lunch together and then on my birthday he bought me a cake which I went round to his to eat. It was all very nice and I expected it to go somewhere, but since then, pretty much nothing. I have asked him to do stuff with me twice and he has been busy both times (I do know that he was really busy both times, not making excuses), now I feel like it must be his time to ask me. Both times when he turned me down he said something along the line of "but we should reschedule or we should go for a drink another time" etc. we still message a lot, sort of nice , gently flirty messages rather than anything too forward
I'm not mad to think that he's interested right? But then why won't he make any kind of move? I feel reluctant to ask him out a third time... Or am I just reading too much into everything and he's just being friendly?


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  • He is not that interested. He flakes on you all the damn time.

    • You know what, I think you're right. It's so easy to get caught up in nice things he's done, and ignore the fact that if he wanted to ask me out he just would

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