If your boyfriend or girlfriend constantly farted loudly in pubilc when you were with them would you break up with them?

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  • No, I would not.
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  • Other, please explain.
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  • Like all the time?
    Yep, that would be embarrassing

    • Yes, I have heard of women that lift butt cheeks and lean to one side and fart loudly in public. LOL

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What Girls Said 4

  • If it annoyed the hell out of me and I repeatedly told them to stop, yeah probably, because that person would be annoying as hell and wouldn't respect me enough.

    My sister and boyfriend like to pick up the adult diapers and say "I found your adult diapers" it's really funny. And my sister sings in this terrrrrrible voice "I'm wearing a red sweater" And I'll be the one wearing a red sweater XD it's funny but annoying. So, I can laugh at a lot. But everyone has their limits.

  • If they did that around me at all, I would break up with them lol

  • I'd join.

    • Hahaha your awesome! Best reaction for a woman to have.

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    • Well you women actually have more of a legitimate excuse for doing it than us men do. Do you know what it is?

    • Oh sorry we have talked about this. I am in LaLa land right now. LOL

  • Are they doing it on purpose, or by accident?

    • I was talking about on purpose.

    • If they were doing it on purpose and they wanted it to be happening, that would be a problem for me. It would be a deal breaker if they weren't willing to stop.

What Guys Said 2

  • Every now and then, "cutting the cheese" can provide some comic relief. Doing it all the time just sounds immature.

  • Yeah.

    • Oh really, I would be fine with a girl I was dating doing that.

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