Do guys use this as a trap thing or is it considered a sweet and beautiful deal?

I have noticed over time that every guy that i have dated , whether it be 2 weeks or up to almost a year always wants to get me pregnant on purpose.

And i dont mean it in a way like i can't stop it from happining , but just the way they talk about it. Every guy i dated always brung up having a baby with them or during sex climax and not tell me or say they aren't goig to pull out to get me pregnant.

I dont know if this is a im going to trap you so i can always have control over you and you will always be in my life type thing

Or if it is a very beautiful thig because they dont want me to go any where and they want to share a beautiful gift together.

It never fails every relationshio i have been in it always goes down like this.

What is our oppinion on nemerous guys wanting to get a girl pregnant?

Trap or Gift?


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  • Are you a millionaire or something?

    • Lol hell no I'm a average joe

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    • lol but to want to get me pregnant though? and for the ones in a matter of only 2 weeks want to do that?

    • Well yes, two weeks in is very strange and not something I am thinking about. For the most part, in the heat of the moment we say and do things that we normal don't other times, so most guys are just saying that and don't really mean it. Are you picking up guys from the same church group or something, LOL?

What Girls Said 2

  • Say what? That's... super weird. It's one thing if it's a guy you've been with for a long time and who believes you're building a future together to want to have a baby... but what the wha? You're seriously saying that not one but SEVERAL guys have wanted to knock you up after a Metter of weeks?
    Where are you finding these weirdos? That is most certainly not normal...

    • Lmao no to be specific out of a total of 7, 4 of them that i had a relationship with that didn'tlast like iI thought it would have are the 2 to 3 seekers that tried to knock me up on purpose and I thought this was so damn weird. The rest was past the 3 week stage but its just the fact that every single on of them wanted to knock me up on purpose smh I don't know what'su p with that

  • Means you got them nice sugar walls and they don't want anyone else to have it.


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