How do I stop being jealous?

When I see a attractive girl with a guy, like how do I come to terms that I'm inferior compared to other guys and that it's not gonna happen


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  • do you actually care about the girl you think is beautiful or you just get butthurt that you haven't gotten a chance to fuck her yet?

    • It's not about fucking cause I don't even know how

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  • Accept yourself for who you are. Love yourself, appreciate, and be thankful for all your gifts.

    I dislike your usage of the term inferior. It indicates you're comparing yourself to others. This needs to stop, you are you, and no one else.

    • Well I am so many other guys can get girlfriends but I can't women aren't attracted to me

    • I don't know you of course, but brother, if that's your attitude its not a mystery why.

      Here is a site all about how to be more manly. Its a great resource for general study on the subject. And the second link is a search at the same site. What I want you to read first is about the importance of ritual for a man, man's rites of passage, and how to create your own rites of passage. In that order.

      You've got a nasty case of boyhood my friend. And since you're young, now is the time to start planning, and practicing to become that man you want to be.

      Bringing this back in context to your question; the last thing you need now is a girlfriend, you need to work on you. Moreover, when you become the man you want to be, a proper man, you won't have enough time in the day for all the women who want to be with you.

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