Does he actually want to be friends?

I went on two dates with a guy (both ended with a kiss). Communication died out after the second date, which he told me a week later that he wanted to be friends. As an engineer he was busy with work and didn't have time to devote to me. I understood that because he was putting more hours into his work. I asked him if he wanted to actually be friends and hang out or if it was over. He told me that I was fun and would still love to hang out as friends. I misinterpreted a text and felt blown off after this exchange (about an event we had talked about). I overreacted- and apologized both in text and left a voicemail because I realized what I did wrong. Didn't hear from him in over a week. I sent him a text and a funny engineering meme. No response. I understand it may be too soon for a real answer and that I acted in a way I shouldn't have. Even after apologizing I still haven't heard anything. Is he actually interested in being a friend (and needs time and space) or was he too scared to say he wasn't interested?


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  • "Let's be friends" is a pussy way of saying "I don't want to see you again" get on with your life

    • I understand that. I gave him the option to be friends or to go. He said he wanted friends. He made that clear. If there's no interest in friends then, why say it's something you want?

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    • Doesn't sound like he's that serious about friends, eh?

    • No it doesn't

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  • Guys rarely ever want to be friends with a girl.

    Maybe he sort of meant it at the time.. but i think you scared him away. Trying to hard to apologize/get ahold of him. So shortly after a date didn't go well. I could see him worried that you were to into him and he wanted to end it now.

    • We did end on good terms though.

    • Again. Guys are really looking for friends. If they agree to being friends its like "i guess.. even if i wasn't planning on it" but then you immediately tried calling him and texting him. Possibly even apologizing when there was no need. Kind of makes you look desperate or at least into him. And no guy wants to deal with that when the feeling arnt mutual.

      Its his loss anyway since he can't even be straight with you.

    • And that's fair. He's the one that wanted friends. I didn't at the time. I feel as though I made a mistake, so I wanted to apologize. The text I sent definitely was harsh, overly harsh and unnecessary and I legitimately felt bad.

      I'm just not used to be ignored when situations such as that happen- usually people are straight with me.

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  • You're crazy. I want to run away from my computer right now having read that.

    • So I'm "crazy" for wanting honesty?

    • Just put the phone down, step away from the texting app, and put your thumbs in the air. We're going to take you to a safe place full of nice people where you'll get all the help you need.

    • I don't know what you're talking about. I haven't texted him in well over a week and don't plan on it. I've been too busy living my life. If he texts me in the future, great- if not that's cool, I'm out doing life.

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  • He is no longer interested in even being your friend. Let it go.


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