Guys, if a Girl cheated On you, how do you cope with it?

A Guy Im recently seeing was cheated On by his long term girlfriend And they broke up about 7months ago. He doesn't seem ready To get serious in dating But I like him And have gave him space, when We talk he responds Quick And lengthy, We speak about our families, values, goals... etc. How will he cope? Can I Help him forget?

but ONLY been On a few dates, he seems To put more time On his work, family And hobbies which I definitely understand But On our last date when he spoke about the ex cheating, he sstill seemed hurt by the situation But over her.
He told me he had To change his #, the Girl had the audacity To have the Guy she cheated with, call him To say they never did anything! And the girl's Mom Also called him trying To make them get back, But he said he is done with it all & ignored it all. I think he is going To have a hard time trusting But i already like him and will be patient and comfort him


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  • She wouldn't know that I knew.

    I'd slowly pull away the ground from beneath her, and one night she'll realize that I'm gone with someone new, and she's left with absolutely nothing.

    As for the feelings, assuming it ended right away... I'd need companionship. Friendship. Perspective. What matters most is knowing that life is greater than relationships, especially that relationship.

    • I want To be there for him without being all over him... I hace given him space because I know that dumb Girl hurt him, But how can I comfort him in letting him know that Im Here for him? Im interested, i like him... Im different

  • nothing will ever be the same, all the good inside of me that I've been developing would be long gone. I would fuck shit up

  • I'd dump her and move on.

    • He dumped her 7months ago, I just want him To know that Im not like her, Im different But We are just dating so I don't know

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  • You should give him some time to heal.


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