Girls, I am having difficulties understanding the real problem of my girl friend. Please help me out?

Hello, so i will be summarizing the whole story. We met at nightclub and she liked me a lot at first sight. I knew this because she was saying that oh i dont think you are single, you must have someone in your life even though I was single for like 8 months in fact. We had fun at that night exchange numbers. She warned me a lot that I should reply to her messages. I felt like I am the girl and she is the boy because it usually happens to boy where we get numbers in nightclubs and never get reply afterwards. Anyway, she lives little bit far like 1 hour to my city. She went back to her city and we started texting. I didn't think its going turn into serious relationship at first. We talked continuously for 2 weeks and she said she will come to my city and she def want to see me. I said ok. We meet again, spend lovely night together and decide to try being girlfriend and boyfriend. Everything was going smooth, every week either I was going to her city or she was coming to my city. last week, her uncle's wife diagnosed with breast cancer and she said she should go San Francisco a lot to help her out. i said maybe you guys should hire someone else to take care of her instead you go there weekend since flying there everyweekend costs way more than hiring a person. She didn't say anything expect she needs to go there every weekend and I said that its totally ok to me. Afterwards, her mother got sicked too and she emotionally changed a lot. We were texting so little everyday. She was spending so much time talking to her mother on phone. One day, she blocked me on whatsapp and I texted her through facebook to ask is everything allright She said not, she also said lot of things going on her life, and she felt like she will not have some time for me. She didn't think this can work out because relationship requires both parties investing some time to each other. I replied to her that I am going be busy anyway in summer as well and its totally ok for me that we dont see each other much for so
What should I do other then doing nothing?
Is there anything I can do or no?
Because doing nothing is kind killing me right now.


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  • Well to me sounds like she is mentally distracted by a lot of problems especially when two people in her family are sick. She just needs some time to settle everything but perhaps she felt like you were bugging her all the time so she tried to minimize the contact. You should give her some space and time to recover. Everyone go through some hard stages where it requires us to isolate ourselves from certain people, things and places. If she really likes and cares for you, I'm sure she'll come back.

  • Way to not be supportive. You have to give her space.


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