Girls, why are we nice guys good enough to marry but not date?

Please don't tell me things like "oh my boyfriend is a nice guy" if he were a true nice guy you would not give him the time of day.


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  • true 'nice guys' realize that using a nice demeanor, or the ability to exhibit basic human decency, doesn't entitle anyone to getting into a girl's pants.

    • Hold up sweet heart I never said anything about having sex. What I want is love, true love.

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    • You people are all the same, you don't want a good man you want an asshole who will kick the crap out of you. Because you people say you want a good guy but you want a bad boy. and you wonder were all the good men have gone. If you're not going to answer my question sweet heart then go away.

    • ... I did answer your question, though. It was simply something that you don't want to accept as the truth so conveniently overlooked it.

  • Genuine nice guys don't have a problem with dating. Unfortunately, the guys that call themselves 'nice guys' are anything but. That would be why no girls want to date you 'nice guys'.

    • Well how does a guy show you he is good and genuine women don't seem to believe that he is a good person

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    • Well if the nice guy asks out a girl and she agrees but then play with his heart and head don't you think he has a reason to be mad.

    • Absolutely. But it didn't happen because he's a nice guy. It happened because she's a bitch. But not every girl does that, and not every nice guy has that happen to him.

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