She is way too superior to me , do I stand any chances?

At gym , this girl so so beautiful. She looks frighteningly beautiful. Her workout time is same as mine. So I see her daily.
and now 24 hrs I think of her , wait for time to go gym. But at the same time , I look so average. Only thing I coould manage to do is to make eye contact few times. What should I do?


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  • Approach her and introduce yourself to her. There is no such thing as "superior".


What Guys Said 1

  • Be all like "fucking screw it, imma gonna approach her!" and then do so. Approach from the front, so as to make sure you don't just randomly pop up from the behind. Maintain eye contact BEFORE you make the approach and make sure she is looking at you so that when you do approach, it won't make her feel unprepared.
    And then start a convo about the one thing you have in common at the moment - the gym. Don't introduce yourself just yet, do that only during the middle or the end of the conversation, otherwise your intentions will be far too clear.

    • Thanks for this amazing suggestion.

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