Should BREAK UP with him over text?

I dunno. I can't do it in person because I know my boyfriend will make a big scene. Cry, hold me and beg me to stay. I know him. What do I do? Plus he's currently serving in Fort Bragg.


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  • My longest relationship ended when I went to serve... like. The worst time to break up with him bc if he loves you and intends to be loyal, as I was, then he needs you more than anything right now. It probably would be best over the phone though.

    • Because I don't want to hear him cry. We are madly in love but I need to take a break. It has became suffocating with him and me. I mean, he isn't deployed, so what is the worst thing that could happen? It would be an unexpected break up.

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    • No worries. Can you put yourself off anon I I can speak to you?

    • Hm.. first time I've ever did that

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  • Breaking up in a text is lame. Since he is currently serving he can't make a big scene so I would at least do it over the phone. Skye or even face-timing would be better.

    • Why would you want to break up over Skype? He could cry and stuff, in text, you can't really read each other's emotions.

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  • Breaking up over text is cowardly. can't you at least talk things out?

    • So you'd rather have a big dramatic scene at the mall where he holds you and begs you to stay? Or the park?

    • Does it HAVE to be those places?

    • Where else would you break up?

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