Why did this guy just ignore me after hanging out?

I went to meet a guy next state over after texting and facetiming for 1 month. Really cool guy. I went with no expectations. We hung out. He paid for all my food, showed me the city and cooked for me. We even hung out in my hotel room and he didn't try anything. He flirted a little but that's it. He kept saying he wants me to show him around when he comes out to me, he just has to finish his business start up first. He has his own business and its in the developing stages right now. As in he has to build things. He even wanted me to design something for his business. We hung out more and chilled at his home. Again he didn't do anything. So after I leave to go home, he dropped me off and it was silent. I hugged him and left. He texted me he really enjoyed hanging out with me and hopefully soon he will be coming to me because he wants to get to know me better and that he really likes me. I replied saying I would like to get to know him too. However, Monday and Tuesday he's only texted me once a day. Saying he will get back to me- that he's busy working on his business- hope I'm getting some rest after long drive. That he can't wait to see me soon. He also said he will be crazy busy the next two days - and will be driving to the next state on Thursday for work. I told him he can reach out to me whenever or after he comes back from his trip Thursday. He hasn't contacted me since. Usually he sends a goodnight text. People are saying he's stringing me along. People say he likes me. I don't know how to feel because people say you should "always" make time for texting someone, my friend says he has someone on the side. I'm a little hurt because I don't see why he put in this much effort to play someone in another state. (Me) I want to give him the benefit of the doubt because he is such a beatiful person on the inside despite his external traits. He's definitely attractive person as well. I'm just getting filled with doubt, I feel ugly and stupid for even trying.

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  • Just text him and see what's up, if you get no reply then you know where you stand

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