Asked her to hang out, and got this?

She seems flirty to say the least. I wanted to get to know her better and saw this idea as an opportunity. We share a same favorite teacher, and wanted to get him a gift for him having a baby. I asked her if she wanted to go to the mall with me, and get the gift together (me and her). She said yes, and seemed happy about it. I texted her trying to figure out a time and got "idk, I work a lot this week etc, but when would you want to go?" Gave her a few days during the week, or said over the weekend. She replied "Uhmmm". I have tried to figure out a day this whole week, and seems to avoid it when I try and find a time, but says keeps saying she wants to go with. Go to ask her the next day but don't see her. So when I get home, I text her saying Saturday or Sunday, and still no reply. What to do?


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  • So cool that you are so active in pursuing her! That sounds really strange. Based on her initial reply, I would say that she did sound interested in going with you. Could be that she has changed her mind and doesn't know how to let you know gently yet, and is now avoiding you in an attempt to not hurt your feelings.

    I would be really up-front about it and ask her if she still has time, and pick whichever day works better for you. Offer her a ride to the mall maybe? If that doesn't get a reply at least... then it's probably time to move on.

    • I kind of just said, I'm going to go do it since you haven't really given me an answer as to when you want to come with. I left it open for her to change her mind, but also sort of saying I'm done with waiting.

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  • It could be taken as you jilting her or taking your invite back , but you could just change the subject more to what to get this teacher and if she replies just tell her your going on and getting it ( before this kid goes off to school ) lol and it will still be from the both of you


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