Is he scared to show how he feels?

My gay bestie may be bicurious or bisexual, he seems he likes me sometimes and it's not gay guy behavior. Example, he will borrow movie I like just so he could give it another try although he's seen it and hates it. However, he overthinks how he interacts sometimes with me like he doesn't want to make it seem he likes me or I'm anyone special.

he called one day only to ask if I wanted to go to his friend bday but he said " I know you don't know him well and it's not the nicest restaurant but if you want to go, I'm not inviting but if you want etc" I'm like do you want me to go. It's like he doesn't ever wanna seem like he wants to invite me or lead me on so maybe he doesn't like me then. We always hang out and he does invite me places but sometimes he makes it seem weird like he doesn't wanna make me think he likes me.


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  • Are you sure it isn't you who is doing some wish fulfillment thinking? You're very pretty but you seem fixated on this friend being attracted to you. Are you trying to find out because you want him and are afraid to make a move?

  • I am sorry, but I think his behavior is friendly towards you.


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