Can a man date multiple women and still be into me?

I like this guy that I met on an online dating site. We've only been on 1 date and we've only known each other about a week, but I thought it went rather well. He has been texting me since then just to say hi I guess and ask how my day has been going. I was really excited that he was texting me because I thought it showed that he was interested in me. However, every now and again since our date I've seen that he has been active on the dating site, changing his pictures and browsing I guess (don't really know). I know we've only been out once and we're not a couple but I'd really like to see him again. Now I'm feeling insecure about him still browsing the app. He's single, he has the right to date whoever he wants and has in no way lied to me about anything, but I am worried that maybe he won't ask me out again. Is it possible that he likes me too? Is him being online a sign that he's not interested and if so why does he keep texting me? I don't mind if he dates other people, but I really want him to want me. Whats going on in his head?
So he doesn't like me? Is he going to ask me out again


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  • Online dating? Multiple women? naw he probably looking for fuk buddies


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  • In this case, I'd say yes. You're still in the browsing stage. You don't know someone until you've dated a bit - they could display a huge deal breaker on the third date or stop talking to you all of a sudden. So most people don't stop dating after just one date if they're on a dating site. But after a few weeks to a month, him still dating around is a bad sign.


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