Guys, Too little or Too Much?

So I'm dating this amazing guy, going on 6 months next month. We already established what we were looking for and wanting before we met so we aren't wasting each other's time. We both had complicated previous relationships. We met online and have been seeing each other ever since. He and I get along great, we have similar interests and things in common, which I think is why we are connected so well still. We are taking things at a decent pace and I honestly appreciate it but I think I worry myself and get discouraged at times... over thinking like he clearly invests all of his open time with me, keeps constant contact with me etc etc., and we aren't seeing anyone else but eachother. I'm not his girlfriend yet but I want to make sure I don't ruin things by overthinking, like will we get to that point? Should I minimize some of my actions/behavior since we're not official. No I don't want a label I just am excited to have him in my life as my boyfriend some day. Finally my divorce will be finalized and there's no drama or anything with that, I talk to him about everything and he does the same. I mean everything is great, but I don't know why I'm feeling insecure or worried when things are going great. At times I just want to back off and see how he behaves towards me, or is that ridiculous? Wait for him to initiate things first to kind of see where he's at with me.
Aagh help, advice, please?


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  • after everything is finalized with the divorce thing might change. i would bring up the point to him about exclusivity. because it would be a wast of each others time if they other one fill for someone else. he should understand that since he doesn't sound like they type thats into games.

    • Things are great but he's expressing his self less now. I don't know I'm just all over the place right now.

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    • to me your being a little to passive. to me it doesn't matter what level your relationship is , if he says he will be somewhere then he should be there. its just respectful to do that. the more i talk to you it sounds like he is at least on some level playing a game where he want you to chase him. since he isn't being very respectful with you about plans i wouldn't chase him. if he is interested let him come to you

    • OK I will try to express myself the best I can.

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