How would you read into this?

I asked a girl to hang out, and she said yes (seemed happy about it too). Tried to setup a date and time, for over a week periond to no avail. She seemed to brush off my messages and so on. She still flirted and tried to show she was intrested in real life, but outside of school, it didn't feel like it. Eventually I confronted her over if she actually wanted to hang out or not. She apologized, saying she was so busy, had lots of work, birthday's etc, and didn't mean to be blowing me off. She then said she would still like to do something with me though, but again has provided no day. So, she says yes when I ask her to hang out, but never finds a day to do it, even when I ask her if she's free that day. Is she intrested but legit busy, or just trying to be nice.


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  • It sounds like she really is busy. You could just ask her to just let you know when she's free so the ball's in her court

    • Just did, hopefully things go ok haha

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  • I'm in the same exact situation, no difference at all. She says yes to when I ask her if she wants to go out, but never actually makes it happen. May I ask how you confronted her about her wanting to go out or not?

    • We both had a similar interest to go and do something, I walked up to her in class, and plain out asked her. Thats how I went about the first part. As for confronting her about whether or not she really wanted to go, I just plain out asked her if she still wanted to, and she didn't have to just be nice and tell me yes (it was a risk move XD). She then told me all of that, so here I am now haha

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    • I can't really tell you, as I'm still holding on in the same situation :/ If I find an answer I'll let yanno tho haha

    • Anything updates?

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