Any advice on this situation?

I asked a girl to hang out, and she said yes. It's been a few weeks, and I've tried a few times, and usually the same thing happens She seemed to want to, but never really set a date or time. We still talked and she seemed fairly enthusiastic, but outside of school, not that much. So, she says yes when I ask her to hang out, but never finds a day to do it, even when I ask her if she's free that day. Is she intrested but legit busy, or just trying to be nice? Any advice on how I should show her how I feel or ask her if she actually wants to go out?


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  • Set a plan. You pick a day, time and place. Ask her to join you.


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  • Exactly what my crush did. I'm pretty sure my crush was always busy with soccer or work, and when she didn't have those, she was tired from them.

    But yeah, I was persistent with her, and we hung out three times.
    Here's what I did every time to finally get it to work:
    -Call her
    -Ask if she can hang out later in the day, or tomorrow. Set up a specific time you'll pick her up.

    You call her.
    Her: Helloooo?
    You: Hi it's Tsheck.
    Her: Oh hey, what's up?
    You: Well I was wondering if you wanted to hang out tomorrow.
    Her: Well, okay. What are we gonna do?
    You: [you can suggest something, or just say something along the lines of 'I'll figure something out'].
    Her: Alright.
    You: Okay, could I pick you up at around 4?
    Her: Oh I have something then.
    You: Well, when do you have time?
    Her: [hopefully, she'll say] How about at around 6?
    You: Sounds good, just text me your address and I'll see ya tomorrow.
    Her: blah blah blah

    -I don't know if this matters to you but my crush and I would say random jokes and shit in between all of that so it took forever to get to the point.

    -It might help to have a plan of what to do in mind, at least the first time. I recommend geocaching, simply cause that worked for me and it's kinda perfect.

  • I've dealt with many of these girls. I would honestly say forget her. Even if she's busy, if it really meant that much to her to hang with you, she would be more aggressive at picking out a date and time. There are too many girls like this, they seem to be afraid to say they don't have any interest in hanging out with you so they lead you on. Here's the warning. Good luck.


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