Girls, Why are Women acting different towards me? Any idea?

So basically there are those single moms who have approached my friends to have sex.

But the thing is , those single moms didn't even mention that they were a mother before having sex with my friends.
So my friends were caught by surprise, when they saw the woman's child at the house. My friends thought they were not a mother.

However with me those single moms, flirt and give attention and also tell me I look really handsome, but they mention that they have a child before anything could happen between us.

So why are those single moms approaching my friends to have sex while hiding the fact that they are a mother and with me they flirt , but let me know first that they are a mother?


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  • they might not care what you think or feel so they just tell u up front so they can know if you are going to want to escape or not. Typically if a woman hides a fact it's because she's afraid the guy will judge them or think less of her, so she's looking for a later time to share her past/history with him.

    • Thanks :)) So are those women "NOT" attracted to me and find me non-judgemental , when compared to my friends?

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    • well since I don't know u personally or what u look like Im going to guess you are an average looking and average personality guy. I think a woman w a child is looking for someone they can see being in their life with their child. Someone caring, mature, good with kids etc.
      I don;t have kids myself, bt Im very weary about dating guys my age or even a yr or 2 older. If I sense even a hint of "immaturity" I lose true interest. An immature guy is someone who doesn't know what he wants and wants to make it up as he goes along.
      The best I can offer you is, perhaps they are sensing some type of boyish, goofy, endearing qualities about you that they don't think will make u mature enough to take seriously... :/

    • so do you mean to say that they find my looks appealing, but my personality a complete turn-off?

  • Maybe they treat you different because they care about you. Or would want a relationship with you

    • Thanks :)) But I never act in a way that I want a relationship. I act neutral. So do you think I am doing something , for them to act different?

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    • About the same. And nope nopeee nothings changed really... just me being more of a pussy I guess :/

    • build balls of steel ;) Can you honestly answer this question , please :

  • Because it's totally unrelated to their desire to hook up with people. It's not like they are looking to be involved in serious relationships.

    • Thanks :)) I get what you are saying. But my point is why don't they act the same way towards me, like with my friends?

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