Is this a good first date idea? Any tips?

Okay going on my first date ever ( I am 21)

I was going to ask this girl I met online for a coffee.

She wants to meet up, but I have to plan all the logistics.

I was thinking about asking her out to a coffee shop at a mall, that way we can get coffee, walk around, talk and even grab a bite to eat maybe after? (Or offer this and ask her if she has something else in mind?)

It is a first date, I think they are not supposed to last long?

Is this okay? Is this a bad idea?

Second of all I need tips, What do I do? What do I ask, How do I make sure that I pay for her coffee?
I need a rundown of all small details... I'm nervous...


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  • That's a nice idea. Just say how about we meet 'here' and we can go for coffee 'here' 'my treat'. Then see how the date goes, if its going well say let's window shop, or is there anywhere you want to go or how about we get something to eat here. Hoep that helps


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  • It's understandable you are nervous; don't be, she's agreed to meet you after talking to you on-line so you've already done the hard part. Is she some way away from you? Meet her at the bus / train station or pick her up. First thing to tell her is that you're nervous - I know that sounds a little like taking flying lessons off a kamikaze but trust me, women appreciate honesty and I'm betting she's just as nervous as you are if not more-so.

    The coffee sounds like a good idea and don't worry about the bill - if she offers to pay insist you get this one and she get the next (planting the seed for a second date lol!) Walking round a mall sounds a good idea but if she's coming you pick a local touristy thing and take her there, you're not just selling yourself - where you are from and being proud of it says a lot about you too. Good luck.


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