I need help with this girl?

So I've been friends with this girl for a little over a year now, and I absolutely adore her. We have so much in common and I'm so happy when I'm around her. I haven't told her how I feel yet because literally every time I've ever opened up to a girl I have feelings for it never works out for me. I've written her a note on how I feel and plan on giving it to her but I don't know if I actually should. I just hate to think if I open up to her and then she shuts me out. I don't want to ruin a great friendship due to the fact that I caught feelings. I feel like she's dropped me hints to make a move but at the same time I have no idea because I'm sort of oblivious to hints like that. I'm just so confused on what I should do, I don't want it to be weird or awkward if she doesn't have the same feelings. Because I honestly love hanging out with her and being around her. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Please help!


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  • Don't do that. Ask her to hang out with you. Don't write her letters and poems and all that shiz.

    • I hang out with her every now and then... how do I go about telling her how I feel? I'm not the type of person to talk about it in person I'd be way to nervous and ouldnt be able to do it

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  • what kind of hints she dropped to make a move can you tell me? so i can advice you better.

    • I catch her looking at me quite a bit, when she hugs me she really hugs me, one night we were all partying and my friend was trying to get me to make a move and she caught on and was like i see you and was kind of indirectly saying she's not hard of a person to come onto, nothing really stand out but seems like she's tried dropping subtle hints

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    • I mean it's worth a shot right? I just really don't want to have it be weird or awkward if she doesn't have the same feelings cuz I really enjoy her company

    • i can understand, if it gets any awkward then you can say that i dont want to ruin this friendship so we can be best friends like before ok.

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  • Can you elaborate more how that friendship works?

    • What do you mean exactly?

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    • Ok, proceed, but with caution.
      Have she kinda make you believe she wanted a kiss?

    • Not that I've caught onto :-/

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