Girls, Can't get a date?

What's the best way to approach a girl? At uni none of the girls even look at me am I just undesirable? I do have red hair which seems to be the biggest turn off? I live in melbourne which has heaps of Greeks and Italians who all seem to be annoying cocky arrogant , although I use to work at Italian social club and the older generation were such hard workers and so nice , I got along with them very much, so nice. The grand kids however came across as spoilt rude brats... Anyway I mention this because the girls always seem to be into those guys dark hair and olive skin look , even if there overweight, while I'm very fit and muscular and played a top grade rugby league.

Anyway i want to approach women but the first thing coming in my head... Red hair is a disadvantage they all hate red heads only like darker guys. I haven't had a date since I was 21 , now I'm about to turn 25 :( ...

Girls, Can't get a date ?


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  • Make an online dating profile, also of you see a cute girl don't be afraid to approach her and ask for her number. You are handsome, you just need the confidence. Maybe girls just don't know if they should approach you.

  • Dude stop making yourself down over your hair! If those girls are shalllow enough not to go on a date with you because of your hair leave them. Make yourself approachable, you are probably sending signals that you are not aware of, for them to approach you. I'm sure you like different types of girls, which is exactly the same for girls. If you're interested in a girl, approach her and be friendly but show her you are interested in more than being friends. Go for it and get out there. The right girl will come along :)

    • Thanks for that

    • What's a good way to show I'm interested in dating and not being friends? I always seem to get friend zoned

    • I guess don't say things like 'I'm here foe you whenever you need to talk' and basically act only friendly. When this happens to me i instantly just picture them as a friend. Then again it also goes down to if i'm actually sexually interested in them. Just flirt a lot. I'm not saying don't be freindly but don't be JUST friendly. And if you're intersed in a girl, ask her out. Say 'let's get a coffe or someting, i'd like to spend more time with you/get to know you better'. Before she has the chance to 'friendzone' yuo, make it clear you are interested in more than being friiends right away. Most girls (me anyway) feel that if i don't think a guys interested i'm just their friend and any potential feelings go out the window. Hope that makes sense aha

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