What are your 3 most interesting topics you want to discuss with people?


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  • 1. Economics
    2. Game Theorycrafting
    3. Their problems


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  • I can talk horses for days and days and days.

    I can talk love lives like a champ.

    And my work. Love my job. I may be there for 12 hours a day but it doesn't even feel like work. It feels like I get to play a game all day. And it feels like 6 hours, tops. It's almost disappointing to have to punch out and go home lol

    • What do you do for work?

    • @Mybeachlife88 I work security at a hospital.

      Our director runs us like a police department and we have all the rights and duties of standard police officers (making arrests, investigations, carrying firearms, etc.)

  • Sex. Money. LOVE.

    • yes and sometimes love and sex are correlated so it is ahrd to know if the topic is about sex or love lol

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    • sex is avtion love is a feeling. But sex without love sounds gross to me.

    • I guess so but I am talking more mechanically!

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