Guys to you agree with this and girls welcome to chime in. Am I real?

OK, I my search to find a nice girl, a good girl because I'm tired of the games that go on here. And so I start looking for something different, something real in a different country let's just say for this example a dating site. So I go there and sign up and begin to start looking at the girls profiles and here's where the problem starts. Every single girl on the site has no less than either 19,000 followers or friends a majority have more than 50,000, that's right 50,000, NO KIDDING! Anything over 2 or 3 hunder that isn't friends or followers dude that is called fame and there's something wrong with that picture she's either a attention ho or some kind of ho. So I'm not wasting my time with that bull crap, I would rather take my chances on the lotto. So within 20 minutes or so I bounced off that crap and left the site for good!

So why now my question is why is it that girls say they want to be liked or loved but not for their looks when in fact they are posting all these eye candy pictures to attract these guy flys? And guys, how many of you will waste your time being stupid assigned to number 50,001 standing in line thinking you're that special guy? Would you waste your time standing in a line that or spend it wisely?
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  • That's the problem with online dating. You cannot expect it to not be shallow for the first long while. You're literally using your looks to attract people. And because it's online you don't get to portray your personality right away either.

    • Online is just one example. This applies in person too it's not limited to a online problem. Take the ugliest girl I know in person for example and she got guys hanging all around her. That automatically sends me negative vibes signals and signs and I get away from her as fast as possible.

  • Of course we want to be liked for more than outer appearance but unfortunately it takes appearance to get Guys to look inside.

    • So by this answer you acknowledge guys aren't designed to be the way girls want them to be?

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    • Lol then are you saying that guys aren't designed to use their eyes when it comes to picking the girl of their dreams?

    • Conditioned I think would be a better word than designed. But what do I know, you're the guy.

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