Whats more attractive? Already being attractive? Or becoming attractive via self development?

Hello everyone,

Very odd question I know. Let me explain.

Picture some really attractive guy like Gerard Butler, then picture a friend of yours whos not got a lot going for him and is pretty unattractive.

Now picture this friend of your disappearing for 6 months and coming back and he is just as attractive as Gerard Butler because of self development. Would you be a lot more attracted to him because you know him before hand and witnessed this tranformation?

My thoughts are than you would be more attracted to the friend because of mare shock factor of the transformation? I hope this makes sence, I just wanted to get other peoples thoughts on that.

Why I'm I asking?
Because I'm pretty in love with this girl, however 3 months ago, something bad happened between us. I think she had some feelings for me, but shit has happened. Basiclly we worked together and I lost my job because of a situation involving her. That might sound really bad, and a deal breaker. But its not that simple. The job I was in, I was not performing well and staying there was only making things worse for me. However I still love the girl in question. However because of the situation we have not spoken since.

I'm using this time to self develop, picture this, Im 24 years old. January 18th, when I lost my job. I was in a terrible job, earning about £100 a week for about 16 hours work. Hardly a job. Skinny 154lbs, super pale skin. Long curly hair, baggy clothes due to skinny. About £1000 in debt to my mother and father. Wanted a car but didn't have money for lessons.

Now, Its March 17th. I got a new job within 2 weeks of the one I lost. 40 hours a week. Started tanning, my skin it loads brighter. Cut my hair to a masculine pompadour. Clothes are fitting more tightly, working out, I gained 11lbs of weight since, 165lbs. Still gaining. Out of debt with my mother and father. Started driving lessons, should have a car by June.

Wanted peoples thoughts on this.
Thanks again!


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  • tl;dr- the 1st 1. also, people who weren't attractive and become attractive (ie: fat people losing a lot of weight) tend to be unreasonably insecure

  • Preset.

  • Way too long


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