Is is Bad that part of me resents him?

Me and my boyfriend been together 8months and he just got this job at his mum's workplace and yes his mum and his other friend who works there too have abit of an inflence on him getting it. Anyway i'm currently struggling to get a job i tend to mess up on interviews and end up babbling. Every job my boyfriend has gone for he's got! In the time we've together i've never seen him fail at anything! and part of me resents him! he gets everything handed to him and he still complains! this job not even been there a month and he already wants be at home doing nothing! I have had struggle my whole life and i'm just look for a little lucky break! I seem be getting anger at him because he is getting everything he wants while i keep trying and failing! I just want to see him fail at something just one thing and i feel so bad for wanting that!


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  • i'm very sorry to hear that, it must sucK to not be able to land any jobs, but you can't take that out on hIm, everyone goes through Life at their own pace, and even though the grass may seem greener on the other side, remember that you always have your own strengths and weaknesses, just Like has has his own, He shouldn't be blamed for hIs accoMplishments and being the best he can possibly be, once you sit down and find pride in your own accomplishments, trust me when i say you will be much happier.

    (Do the right thing, find the hidden message).

  • It's not like he's willing you to not get a job. You have this competitive mentality with him. But you shouldn't relationships are about being a team not trying to out do each other.


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