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Ok haven't talked to this guy in like a month, last time we talked he called me a stage 12 and we stopped talking, month later he text me at 12 and 1:30 am, all I can think is that he drink text me he's the type that gies to bars and drinks, I text him the next day and he told me he was thinking about me and that he mist me and wanted to see me soon, and he wanted naked pics and I said no, then couple days go by and I haven't heard from him so I text him, are conversation are always so boring and get no where, well I decided to text him and the last message I text was telling him I was confused that he said he mist me and I didnr know how interested he was and never heard back, so all I can think of is that he probably came back just to see if he could get in my pants again, I should just leave him alone right?


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  • In your pants is the magic word young Lady. So he has hit a dry spell on avalable girls that he hasn't chaulked up and you just happened to cross his mind.. And thats about it

    • Thats what I was thinking when we were talking it was only for almost three months and in about 2 months of us talking he would say he loved me and told me all kinds of things, I slept with him and then he acted completely different and I talked to him about it but it didn't do any good, then we stopped talking, and randomly month later he text me, oh and I met him on a dating site and he happens to get on all the time, I just feel really stupid cause I try and see good in people but I always end up getting hurt, I deleted his number and are text, I already know that all he wants is to use me I get bad feelings about him

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    • Imbnot implying desperation , but rushing too much can cause you to either let your guard down or maybe even allow you to compramise where you normally wouldn't.

    • That makes since, its so true

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