Is your menstrual cycle influencing your dating activity or who you find attrctive?


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  • yes, it does. Outside of obvious impacts on myself and my behavior/libido (I'm generally not all that chipper closer to my period, and will be super enthusiastic not to mention horny closer to ovulation), but it's also been shown that the levels and types of pheromones women give off around ovulation are different and more attractive to men. Letting them know the female is in her 'fertile period', so guys will unknowingly find her to be more attractive than usual.

    • but there's no way to tell wich phase a girl is in, isn't it?

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    • Too bad. Would help to know when to ask a girl out ;-)

    • @dhretbhdrhd probably when she is in a good mood? But that's just me :))

  • Yes I am very moody on my PMS and I would probably feel like crying the whole time. I wouldn't go on a date during that period!


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