Should I just ask her out?

There's this girl that I've liked forever, but the problem is that I'm shy and have very few friends while she is considered the most beautiful girl in and school and is constantly chased by all the guys. I always wanted to ask her to hang out with me, but I don't want to embarrass myself or her by asking. She is constantly chased by guys who are better than me in many things and I just have a hard time believing I will ever be able to summon enough courage to approach her. I've literally tried for ages and always chicked out. We never talk to each other, should I just ask her to hang out over the weekend out of the blue? We know each other, just never interact and I feel that that would be too abrupt. Any help would be appreciated!


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  • Guess what? Girls doesn't really go for the good looking, flirty guys. Or guys with more success or better results. What girls really look for in a guy is the way he treats her sincerely and right. So, you don't have feel like you don't deserve her. It's not embarrassing at all to ask her out, she would feel appreciated instead. If you don't feel confident about yourself, then yes, groom yourself. Girls like guys who are confident in themselves. I mean, just do it! Just ask her out already! Just make sure that you don't creep her out too much on the first date. Don't be over obsessed with her, because girls will be creeped out by this behaviour. Be a nice, gentlemen, confident, polite person! Let her leave a nice impression on you. Good luck!


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  • Get a fresh haircut
    Shave or trim your facial hair
    Take a shower and really clean yourself
    Comb your hair
    Eat a decent breakfast
    Listen to a pumping song
    Believe that you are worth it


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  • You need to gain confidence in yourself first. Groom yourself well, talk to yourself in the mirror to practice and ask her to hang out. Just start off as friends and then slowly ease your way in asking her out. Get to know her first. Don't jump too fast in a relationship.

  • Yes. Do it. Don't overthink it too much.


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