Should I text him -havent heard from him in 2 days?

We hung out over the weekend. We hung out in my hotel and at his home. I was being very cautious so I wasn't as talkative and open as I wanted. We had many opportunities to kiss and go further than that but he didn't pursue. Don't know why? He has his own business - he's a medical marijuana grower and he has to build a lot of stuff in his garage. He was also telling me how he has to get a driveable car so he can drive out to me. Anyways, after hanging out I hugged him goodbye. After I drove home he said he enjoyed hanging out with me and really wanted to get to know me more so he hope he can come to my city very soon. Then he said he really liked me. I told him I would like to get to know him too. I also kept telling him I will believe he will come to see me when he actually does. Monday and Tuesday he texted me once a day saying he's busy working/building his garage and hope im having a nice day and that im getting rest and that he is exhausted. Last text he sent me Tuesday afternoon was that he's going to be crazy busy the next two days and will be driving to the desert and that he can't wait to see me soon. I sent him a text and he didn't reply. Wednesday I didn't hear from him. Thursday I haven't heard from him so far. Red flag is that he claims he needs a car to drive to me, however he typically drives to my state border for his business in his car! When I was in his car hanging out.. yeah the breaks were really bad and the engine too. So I really want to know why he's not texting me -- I want to text him and just say hey it's not going to work. I don't want to get my hopes up. I want closure. Should I text him or will this be bad on my part? Girls I need your help. I want to be honest and clear on what I want. I want to know what he wants. I don't want any games. I checked his social media pages. He hasn't been online in 5 days so either he really is working or he's with another girl. I don't know.

  • Yes text him
  • no wait for him to text
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What Guys Said 1

  • Call him, texting is easy to ignore and shows lack of connection.

    • I don't feel comfortable calling yet because he might think that's too clingy? I would rather text. But he says he's at the desert so im not sure if he's going to have phone service.

What Girls Said 1

  • Be patient and give him another day.

    If he's really busy, he might not have time right now.

    • He did say he was busy yeah. I'm just scared because he texted me he liked me and wants to get to know me better. Was that just to keep me stringed along? Just has me thinking is all. I try not to let texting get the best of me but when someone says they like me and I kinda have a mutual liking back I get intense.

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    • Right, I mean one detail I didn't mention is that he is in the next state. I would like to give him the benefit of the doubt forsure. I'm just worried and anxious is all. I took time to get to know this person so I just want to make sure if he's okay. Even if I'm invested in this more than he is. He didn't really give a clear indication on when he wanted to text me again after the last text message. He just told me he hopes im having a good day and he can't wait to come to my city soon.

    • From an outside perspective he said "Can't wait to come to your city soon". Is there any other reason for him to be there other than to see you? ;)

      Likely translation "I can't wait to see you".