How do you think my date went?

I've been out of this whole dating thing for 4 years, and even before that, life was simple, I was set up with a guy who I happened to end up with for 4 years. So basically, I've never really done the dating thing.

Anyway, today I went to lunch with a guy. Quick backstory: He's in my class at uni, that's where we met and I asked him out, but he rescheduled at the last minute until this afternoon.

So we went and got some food and went down to the waterfront, both of which were his suggestion. I had an awesome time, we get along so well and there was no awkward moments. We never ran out of things to talk about. I was getting more along the lines of "friend vibes", i think because I didn't get butterflies and I wasn't at nervous, i was totally at ease. So we ate/talked for an hour and a half, then he left. I had to say "Can I have a hug?" to get him to hug me.

I feel like he's not interested in anything more than being friends, but I'm not sure what to think of this date. Do I text him at some point to let him know I had a good time?


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  • According to what you just said, you were lacking chemistry. He was probably not being flirty enough.


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