Can't stop thinking about her, help?

There's a girl at my work that I like. I asked her out a month ago. She said she was going to same movie with friends. Which she did cause we talked about the movie at work. I sent her a friend request on fb and it took her a week to accept it. I've messaged her on fb, she didn't reply. Me and her have a lot in common. I've tried talking to other girls to get her off my mind. People at work think we are dating by the way we act. I've tried to think of negative things about her. There is none. I can be myself around her. Can say whatever I want and she doesn't get offended. We tease each other. She stares at my eyes when we talk. She asks questions that she already knows. Why couldn't she just reject me like any other girl would. Why couldn't she just be like ew gross get away from me. She just got out of a relationship. How can I stop thinking about her? How do I stop liking her?

I doubt she likes me that's why I'm trying to stop


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  • keep it as friends and build that foundation and if there is as much as chemistry as you say then something will form but don't rush be patient. The best things in life are worth the wait.


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  • Have you actually tried asking her out?

    • I asked her if she wanted to go see a movie with me. She said she was going with friends to see it and thanks for asking

    • Buy tickets for a concert she is interested in and suggest her to go together.

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