What's your opinion on this situation please?

Me and my girlfriend were good past days bit yesterday after a small problem she got angry and said I reached the limit because you Think in the worst way in everything I do ( Actually she is somehow right cause I get angry if she go out with her friends or with her class cause there Is a boy which is wanting her and I didn't let her go out alone with her little bro cause she need someone older to take care about her and I get angry if any boy talks to her or I told her to wear long clothes because boys will stare at her) but I swear I do all that just for her to avoid from getting problems Tell me am I the right one or her? If you have any ideas tell me and share your opinion.. Thanks

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  • She's completely right, you're her boyfriend of course you want the best for her but you can't control everything she does. She can't live to please you, you're not letting her have her freedom, grow up.

  • I think she's definitely right. At this point, you sound more like her jailer than her boyfriend - you wouldn't even let her go out with her little brother? Get a grip.

    • Mmm boys will hit on her or maybe she will get in a problem a little brother can't do anything for her right?

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    • I hope she does too, good luck! :)

    • Thnx and thanks for your help :)

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