I need guy advice ASAP I have no idea what is going on, can you help?

I have been seeing/talking to this guy for about two months. I am very confused on where the two of us stand. When we met he told me he just wanted things to be friends but everything after that has definitely been more than that. We see each other a couple of times a week, he says that he has missed me. I've met all of his close friends as well as his mom and co-workers. He is always holding my hand or touching me in someway when we go out. He makes me breakfast when I stay over and he saved me from a panic attack with one of my friends; as in he left a no re-admission club to come and get me when I didn't ask him to. His friends refer to me as his girlfriend but he says "kind of girlfriend" or "lady friend". I'm just very confused on what to do or on where I am with him right now. Everyone I ask either says to talk to him about it or wait for him to talk to me about it. I don't want to push anything because from what I understand he hasn't had the best relationships in the past. What do I do? Do I wait it out or ask him? Where would you say we stand?


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  • be grateful for the time you have and if you must have a verbal commitment of some kind just be honest with him and with yourself then be prepared for what could occur. In other words asking for a confirmation of what you already have could have a negative impact but it could also open up a whole different level of intimacy could go many different directions just be ready for anything... Good luck...


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  • I guess it would depend on what you want. Do you want to be in a relationship with him? If so then you shouldn't settle for someone who won't make any commitment to you. I do think people get too caught up in labels like "boyfriend" or "girlfriend" but I would at least talk to him about exclusivity.