What is going on here?

What is going on here? this semester I had a class with her, and I decided to approach her and be friendly. Over the next few days I continued to do this, but she seemed uninterested in talking to me. So I gave up. I began talking to another older lady, and I followed her into class only to have the first girl SIT right between us, and contribute to the conversation. Over the next few days she would continue talking to me, and she would catch up to me while I was walking out of class. Then proceed to walk at my pace beside me. We would then talk and joke around, or sometimes she would tell me about something serious going on in her life. One day I saw her with her friends, she then said something, and they all turned to look at me then proceeded to giggle. I would always see her friends, and when they saw me they woud act all giddy, and then start giggling. One day the older lady asked me if the girl and I were dating I said "no." She told me that this girl clearly liked me, and I should tell her if I like her too. So I did, and asked if we could talk sometime (get coffee or whatever) from there build a friendship, and if everything went well we could starting dating. She said "sure." But I texted her today, and she said "I don't want anything sort of relationship with you." Why would she do this? Did I misread her signals? Why didn't she just say I don't like you or whatever to my face?
were her friends just giggling at me, because they think I am some kind of freak?


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  • It's not you, it's her. She proably didn't know how to tell u & didn't want to hurt ur feelings or she could have realize she wasn't ready for a relationship or it could be another reason. Your right, she should have told u no or something but good for u for telling her how u feel & going for it, takes guts. :)

    • i gave her space and left her alone. why would she come and sit with me, and then talk to me? I don't care I got rejected. It's just this has never happened where she continued to talk to me after I left her alone. Only to be told to fuck off via text. And why do her friends know about me?

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