I texted a guy after 3 days of him not texting me- now he's acting cold?

This guy texted me that he liked me.
he said he was going to be busy Wed, Thur. I said cool reach out to me when you're finished working. He didn't reach out to me once. I text him today, he text back an hour later. He told me he would love to hear some ideas I'm thinking of for my shop. To let him know and congrats. Then he said he's working on the heat and dying. He asked if I worked today. I replied and he didn't answer. Normally he ends conversations if he can't talk- or he says he'll get back to me later. Now he just ignores my texts? Why? After he said he liked me and he can't wait to see me soon- he's been acting different. I initiated this text because he's always the one initiating and I felt like it was my turn to do so. I'm confused. I like him but I haven't told him that yet. He should know I do though.


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  • Maybe he is nervous and you should tell him how you feel. My girlfriend is being very similar right now maybe we can help each other out

    • ... She's your girlfriend though. Lol. at least you guys are together. what is she doing? This guy I just hung out with once. He told me he liked me. So I'm confused why he's acting like this now

    • Maybe he changed his mind I've been dating my girlfriend since November and I've known her since 2009 although we hadn't seen each other for years. Refer to my question if your curious.

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  • He is not that into you. Move on. I have no idea why he told you he liked you. If people are acting indifferent towards you, odds are that they don't give much of a shit about you.

    • Just baffled because he's the one that put in all the effort. We FaceTimed so he knew how I looked before hanging out. he's the one that said he liked me- I never said anything back except if like to get to know him more. He was the one acting giddy when we hung out. I really want to just want to text him and say you really didn't have to say the things you said. You could've been straight up. He said he hates leaving people hanging and this is what he did. We didn't even go in a date. He paid for all my stuff but yeah that's it. He didn't kiss or do anything.

    • I'll move on but not without giving a piece of my mind. I didn't even like him that way- I liked him because his life situations matched mine. I thought I could finally talk to someone and become friends to start off and IF more happened then it happens. He seemed like a good person. Him just vanishing into thin air isn't cool. Just be straight up. He will Be getting a long text because this whole vanishing act and not communicating act needs to die in 2016.

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