Am I over thinking on how to ask her out?

Hi everyone (new poster here),

So I've been wanting to ask this girl out for about 4 months now but I'm stuck on how I should approach this.

Long story short... I've known her since we were kids and our parents and their parents have been close family friends since then.

For those who might not understand dating in the Indian culture, the parents generally get involved in who they would like you to date. It all started when my parents asked me last year and I believe her parents have mentioned this to her about a month ago so she is aware of this.

This by all means isn't forced as they are leaving this decision to us to decide.

I'm interested because I think she is an amazing person but I don't know how to go about it in asking her out. I would ask her in person if there an opportunity but I don't see her on a regular basis. Also, I don't have her number and I'm currently not friends with her on Facebook.

My question is that should I wait until I see her in person to ask her out or if it's generally ok to add her on Facebook and ask her out from there. Do girls care about how they're being asked out? Am I over thinking this?



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  • Ask her in person. But tell her you need to talk, get her alone, and then maybe ask her.

    • Appreciate the response back, thanks! :) How would I go about it when I don't have her number and I'm not a Facebook friend?

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    • I haven't yet. I guess I'm a bit nervous adding her though.

  • Get your parents and her parents to arrange a get together and ask there.


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  • Be confident about it and figure out whether she likes you or not. Add her on facebook and ask for her number if you start talking to her a lot. If she is interested in you she will respond to you and you will generally be able to tell by how much effort she puts into you. Asking her out doesn't have to be anything big either - but don't make it small. Tell her she's a beautiful girl and you would love to date her. Something like that, just make sure it's in person.

    • So it took me some time to add her Facebook but I've done it. I'll see how this goes.

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