What does it mean when a girl says she wants to be friends first?

I have known this girl for a few months. She seemed responsive and told me that she was attracted to me. I told her I didn't want to be friendzoned. I text her the next night saying what a great time I had and her response was vague saying that she was so exhausted from the night before. I ran into her again on Thursday night and asked her if she wanted to get together this weekend to hang out. She then reiterated the friends first thing and said she wanted to do dinner and drinks. I haven't text or called since I know she's working and at this point, I wanted to see if she would open up the lines of communication. Should I bother with this girl or is she just trying to let me down easy?


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  • She's not sure or you are too pushy and she feels rushed. You should try again and go along with the friends thing at first. Invite her out to dinner/drinks and then see how she acts with you. What is her romantic history? A history or being let down by guys, cheated on, etc.

    • She told me she has been let down a lot and then talked to me for quite awhile about what she really wants in a guy. I'm like well I have all these characteristics. After that one night though and getting to spend by ourselves she was different. When I ran into her with her friends we briefly talked. Just me saying how I still wanted to take her out and her reiterating the friends first thing. We talked about going out to dinner this weekend. I just didn't know if I should even bother.

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    • I asked if she wanted to get drinks after work Saturday night and she responded that she already had plans with one of her girlfriends for later that night and that she was free until then and that she would let me know. I just told her to hit me up. She didn't say anything else so I'm not going to bother with it anymore.

    • I think that's fair. You tried a few times and she kept knocking you back and if you keep doing it, it will just get annoying for you both.

  • Well you should start off as friends 1st. Or else that's how you end up mistakingly dating someone you THOUGHT you knew.


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