Can anyone here shed some light on my dating situation? Did I dodge a bullet, a player?

Things were going so well. He chased me for 6 months (August 2015) I wasn't giving in until finally on Feb 8, I was like you know what, Fine. after first dateI immediately fell for him! He is so smooth and there's a charm about him.
I have gone on 4 dates with this guy. On our 4th date, I hung out at his place and he even put the "exclusive title" Later in the night we had sex, Just wanted to give you an idea of how far we have gone lol
Anyways, I was so confused with the whole exclusive thing because he was really slow with texting me, and he didn't seem like he was taking me on "real dates" Looking back there were some red flags, so I ended up calling off the title of being exclusive and things went downhill from there.
Anyways, Last week things were going well via text then Friday came, I was being dumb and didn't respond to his text for 5 days. Honestly, it didn't need a response- it was statement, so what the hell right? 2 days later (Sunday) we were suppose to hang out he never followed through. I got P***d and I ended up unfriending him on my Facebook (it was such an impulsive move on my part!) Anyways, after not hearing from him for 2 more days, I reached out and asked him what happened on Sunday? he then said I didn't hear from you since like Thursday.

I then apologized and explained my reason. I told him why I acted the way I did because I was seeing some red flags in him. He asked me why, and so I ended up pouring my emotions. 3 days has passed and he didn't text me back.

Wtf just happened, why did he disappear? You guys think he will come back or I dodged a bullet (player)


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  • Lol you didn't dodge shit.

    He got his dick wet, mission accomplished.

    • sheesh can you be a little nicer about this. F***

    • Ok.
      Sorry, he already played you

    • how do you know? and how sure are you?
      F*** how do I turn this around I feel like I lost :(

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  • I find your writing a bit confusing but he does not sound like a player based on what you described. I don't know him personally. He may have been put off by you "freaking out" on him if I got that right. I mean you called off the exclusive thing (for some reason?) and not only that but later on you deleted him from Facebook. I get the feeling that you are afraid of getting hurt right me if I'm wrong. I think you need to calm down. Let this situation cool off and let him come to you now, you have already apologized.

    • Hi Clairehunti,

      Thanks and you are so right about me being afraid of getting hurt. How did you know? I do have trust issues. I feel like I messed up on this one though.

      Of course I am no way gonna reach out to him again, but what are the chances he will come back? :( I texted him Wednesday that was left unanswered, it's Saturday now.

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    • He said "Like what" because I was telling him I acted the way I did because I was seeing some "red flags" so he asked, "like what"

      and then I explained EVERYTHING and I guess you are right, He got freaked out. Crossing fingers this is the case and that I'll hear from him :(
      Thank you so much for the words of comfort. I really appreciate it.

    • Ohh I see! Well yeah, let's cross fingers and hope you will hear from him. I'm glad I could help!