Do you ever feel like you will never find someone to be with?

I have been single for a while after a pretty rocky relationship.
Infact thinking about it my past 3 have been a bit ridiculous.

I was really happy in the last one until I started finding out his true colours.

Anyway, I have been working hard and looking after my self. Seeing friends and family, going on holidays.
Go out with a group to do the things my friends don't do. So a fairly well rounded life at the moment.

So I went on a dating site as have not met anyone when out to date. I have met a few people. A few just nos. And a couple who were great and restored my faith in online dating.

The last guy I met up with was great and interesting. He wanted to meet up again but has since asked me on more than once occasion for a 2nd date. Then goes quiet again. So no 2nd date.

I know it's becuase of me and my reaction to it that I'm feeling bad.
Just wondered if you ever feel like you won't ever find someone who is right for you and you are right for them?

I'm sure I have a lot going for me for somebody!


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  • YES I feel that way, very much so.

    I feel like I am too picky about the body and personality that I am attracted to.

    • I'm a picky with some things and not with others.
      What are you picky with?

      I am most picky with:
      I'd rather not be with someone with Children under 18.
      Someone who definitely wants babies.
      Someone under 5'10.
      Someone who does drugs.
      Someone who has no interests ( I don't consider nandos and box sets much of an interest )

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    • Have you dated many 5'10'' women? Do you mean 5'10'' or taller or specifically that height?

      When I put someone under 5'10 I meant they can't be under! lol
      My ideal for looks is 6' - 6'4'' and built like a rugby player!
      I like big men!
      As for exact featues, small noses freak me out, thin pointy noses freak me out.
      Nose that have a big inward curve freak me out!
      Same with little mouths and lips!
      See that sounds super picky!

      I have big eyes and full lips. People with really thin or small lips juist wouldn't be able to kiss me right haha

      As for the personaility.
      If they are recist or zenaphobic or generalise entire groups of people due to race, religion etc. Then it's a deal breaker.
      I'd like someone adventurous, a bit crazy, happy and compasionate.
      Also someone who can be a bit of a dom in bed sometimes.

    • I would maybe say 5'8" or taller to be fair.
      I like pointy noses, and small lips on ladies. And little mouths too.
      Some people describe my "type" as boyish if you will.

      I want to be with someone who loves answering all my questions about women in general.

      You sound like a fun person to talk to. :)

  • I feel like this all the time. And by that I don't mean 2 or 3 times a week it crosses my mind. I mean I feel like this ALL the time.

    I've been single since 2009, and it isn't for a lack of trying.

    I reckon the best I can do is find a way to make myself happy and content with my life, and if someone eventually decides they want to walk the path with me, I'll be happy to have them. But I'm not holding my breath.


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