Had a dream that I gave birth to quintuplets last night?

So yeah, I dreamt that I had 3 boys and two girls last night... all at once. Gave birth to them and then I kept them hidden in my garage.

During this time, I was trying to figure out if they were my exes kids and seeing if he would be up for getting back together and helping me raise the babies.

I basically hid the babies from the world and seemed to be quite anxious during this dream.

So yeah, does it mean anything?


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  • Bet after all that you are were a great diaper changer.. Ha Ha.. take care

    • I must have been a pro at it 😂

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  • I don't know what that means but that would SUCK ASS lol

    My mom had triplets and at the same time my dad broke both his arms so he was no help. And that was terrible hahahaha

    • Oh my gosh, that sounds totally scary! Haha. I could only cope with one child at a time I think... 😅

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  • You are a terrible parent

    • I know! 😂 But come on, wouldn't you panic if you had quintuplets? Haha

  • You are going to be a good protective mother :)

    • Bahahaha, I hope that you're dripping with sarcasm when you say that 😂😂

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    • I was joking. But the reality is very much there I guess haha

    • @MrMuffinMan I guess 😂 Haha

What Girls Said 1

  • Ouch! No more cheese before bed. ;)

    • That's my thinking too 😅😂

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