Always manage to screw up my relationships, why?

for just about every relationship I've had, I've screwed it up. It would be how I haven't talked to a girl in a while that I was just friends with but then she starts talking to me again suddenly and nonstop. Maybe a few days later she loses interest and stops talking to me. Im currently trying to get this one girl to date me but I'm near the end of the cycle where she stops talking to me again and leaves, how do I stop this from happening. She's perfect and I would never want anybody over her.


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  • Well, first of all, you're young. Screwing up relationships is how you learn how to create and maintain successful relationships. You do or say something that ruins a relationship, and now you know not to do that in the future. Unfortunately this is a big part of learning, especially at your age.

    You say you're trying to get this one girl to date you but you're near the point where she stops talking to you... Self fulfilling prophecy maybe? You're already assuming she's going to stop talking to you and lose interest. How come?

    Have you asked her out on a date? What are your conversations like?

    Also, I understand what you mean and I've been there too, but please do keep in mind that while she seems perfect and you think you never would want to date anyone but her, this is totally unrealistic and nearly 100% guaranteed that the relationship won't last forever. There WILL be other girls who you are head over heels for besides her, and you'll have many other wonderful relationships regardless of whether or not you get to date this girl for a while.
    I'm not trying to ruin how you feel, but just don't put all your eggs in this one basket (so to say), if it doesn't work out with this girl, know that there are many more to come.


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  • Try asking the previous girls why they lost interest. I've they show a lot at one time and then suddenly stop, it could be that they don't feel like you are showing yours


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