What do you think I am?

I know I like girls. I'm sexually and mentally attracted to girls. But I think guys are cute but I don't feel anything for guys. Do you think I'm a lesbian? Do you think I'm bi? Or do you think I'm just confused? I'm sorry for being the person that asks someone about their sexuality.


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  • If you don't feel anything for guys then it's crystal clear that you're lesbian 💁
    But it can be bc you haven't met Chris Hemsworth :P lol jk 😂


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  • well would you sleep with a guy?

    • No I wouldn't.

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    • No I wouldn't be able to. I can't love a guy.

    • Then you are a lesbian

  • if you're not mentally or physically attracted to a man it means your attracted to girls but it's alright to find guys cute, I'm straight and I find some girls cute