Would a senior guy ever date a sophomore girl?

Ever since last year when I was a freshman, I would always make eye contact with this one guy everywhere I went in the school. I didn't think he was cute as a junior, but now that he is a senior he is extremely attractive. I still see him a lot and he definitely knows who I am because I've been in the same room as him while I was talking to someone else, but never have spoken to him. The problem is he will graduate in 3 months. Is it even worth trying to get his attention at this point, also considering the age gap?

  • Go for it! He's graduating soon anyway.
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  • Yeah it can happen I have had crushes on females two years younger than me in highschool. I have seen seniors like freshmen and go out with them. It doesn't matter.


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  • I for sure would not have done it. I wouldn't even have looked at her.


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