Girls how often do you text a guy you're talking to if you like him? Is my case looking bad (read description)?

A girl I met on tinder actually wanted something legit which surprised me, anyway we've been texting a few days, she happily gave me her phone number and the first couple days we texted a lot, now I was the one to keep to conversation going more but I've heard that's common for guys to do that, anyway sometimes she'll reply instantly other times it will be hours, one day I texted good morning it was 8 hours and she just said her day was busy, so not any kind of sorry about that, which is fine but I'm just worried she's not as into me as I am to her with how long the gaps are, often times it's an hour or two, and I mean yeah we just started talking but honestly I'm not a great texter I really hate it's a big part of dating and things now as face to face I'm collected.

Anyway girls how often do you text a guy you like that you're talking to?

Since often I wait a couple hours for a reply is that bad, or imply this girl isn't really into me?

  • I think you're overthinking it, that few of texts doesn't mean she isn't interested
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  • Sorry but that long of time between texts doesn't look good, I doubt she'd keep a guy she liked waiting.
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As I said she replies with shorter answers most the time but continues the conversation anyway


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  • This will totally change depending on the person, but her taking time to respond is not cause for alarm.
    If I'm at work, I can't check my phone all the time so sometimes I will respond right away, then put my phone down, and not be able to check it again for a few hours.
    Even at home if I am trying to focus and work on something I will leave my cell in the other room so I don't get distracted.
    I think as long as she eventually responds you are fine. Like when she didn't respond for 8 hours but then said she had a busy day. If she wanted to stop talking to you, she just would not have said anything.

    • Okay just making sure, she is a very unique girl that's for sure and I certainly wouldn't mind it as I hate texting too as long as it doesn't mean she's uninterested, I mean yesterday we each sent like 30 messages so not bad and she even told me to "sleep well :)" when I went to bed which from what I've been told is a very good sign someone's into someone for text talk, plus I mean she gave me her number and said she likes my sense of humor. So overall you think I'm doing good?

    • yeah I think you're fine

    • She's even said she's not the type who likes the center of attention so that may be it.

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