Have you ever/ Is it possible to fall back in love with someone you are over?

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  • No
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  • No. Over means over if you backslide then it wasn't over to begin with.

    Trust me I've been there. When the bestfriend of my exboyfriend who I dated for years after high school died we got caught up in emotion. It was tragic and it brought up so many feelings and it was someone we both loved tremendously. So during my visit to the hometown for the funeral I stayed at his place every night. It felt real but it wasn't that door slammed shut ages ago.

    I always know when that last nail in the coffin is struck. You're free and glad it is over.


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  • have i ever? no.
    is it possible? yes.

  • Yes, because every relationship is different and only that person will understand the experience that you two shared, but there's a reason why it's over... I love the memories I shared with him but after all he made me go through I'd rather move on to be with someone who will treat me right and just allow the both of us to learn from our mistakes and just move on. I still miss him but after he tried getting back with me after his first child with his current wife I was glad I wasn't in her shoes. Good luck