Did I get played?

Around two weeks since I was on a date with the hot guy I met from the bloody dating app that I decided to delete.

I have ALWAYS been against the thought of online dating and these apps because it’s not the way I want to meet anyone and what if it’s a crazy person. Anyways I was so bored and my sister told me her bff meet her current boyfriend on the dating app. Being single for several months and wanted to finally move on… I downloaded a dating app. Oh my goodness, you saw so many guys so not my and though: is this what the world had to offer I thought and was super disappointed (yes I’m a picky girl).

Then this one guy wrote to me and was like: Hey! How are you! I looked at his profile and I have to admit he was VERY good-looking but first of all I was thinking why is he talking to me, I’m average looking girl and guys like him can get models. First I was sceptical if I should write or not but something inside me was like what the heck why not, it’s just me talking to him nothing more. So I wrote and he seemed cool, he asked me if I wanted to grab some coffee, it was not more. The day after the sent a kiss emoji to me but I ignored him, few days later I thought about it and wrote casually and explained that I’m not on this app so much to check the messages so he asked for my FB so I decided to give him my FB and he seemed to a good guy and again he asked me out during the week and gave his number (*Remember that HE initiated everything).

I was really careful though and talked to my best friend about it and here is where the table got turned. Once I agreed to meet him, he started to get “busy”. I told him that I was free Wednesday and he was like yeah that can work for me but he never texted so I wrote on that day: I guess we have to come with another day to meet and he was like yeah what days works for you? I answered that Friday after 12 AM and he said I finish school around that time! After that SILENCE! (End of part 1)

I got pissed off and went back to my dorm and I wrote to my bff saying that I got stood up and that moment I get a text from him saying: Is it okay if we meet after 8 PM because I’m in another town with the guys. My friend was like give him a chance. After some thinking I sent him a text saying: Text me when you are on the way, which he did. So I met him in town and he was one of the most gorgeous guys I have ever went out on a date with.
So I met him in town and he was one of the most gorgeous guys I have ever went out on a date with. He was really nice, funny, down to earth and chill guy. I felt an instant connection with him and it was easy to talk to him. I really liked him. We had things in common. He looked at me in a special way and I was happy. Ended up him at my place watching movie and had a good time, he kissed me = makeout session, no sex though! But he went down several times and liked it.


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  • I would have to say yes he played you for some reason

    • I confronted him by saying that it was rude to not write back and that he should be honest if he want to hang out and he said sorry for not replying for being bad in replying and been busy with school. He said that he wanted to hangout some day! What would you say?

  • Yes played

    • He held me tight and it felt so nice and safe. At one time in the morning I was exploring his tattoo and kissed him and he looked at me and kissed me and did the night activity again before he fell asleep again. Suddenly from nowhere he jumped out of bed and was in super hurry. I was so confused even thoug he said he wanted to see me. I texted few days later and he answered and then stop opening my message and two days later said: I had a great time too, kisses :* and now he has not opened my last message in a week while being online! What did I do wrong? We had an instant connection and it felt good. I really liked him.

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  • Stay away from online dating, it's not worth it. Trust me.

    • Bad experience? I confronted him today and he was like I'm really bad in replying, don't take it personally and that he wanna hangout some day. Advice?

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