My friend and her boyfriend hug a lot but he said he wanted to have sex then do normal relationship stuff after like kissing and stuff like that -?

like that and said sex first , but when he asked for pics which he aperantly got some from her and he sent some back and they r still together and talk more then ever. what does that mean?

Well maybe she was wondering and wanted me to ask cuz she was scared for the answer


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  • means they like each other and you should probably take your nose out of their business...
    get your own boyfriend...

    • Well maybe she wanted me to ask cuz she was scared to herself

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    • I mean it's totally up to her but that doesn't mean that she should push her limits

    • it means she Should push her limits... but if she's a virgin... she better choose wisely. i lost my virginity years ago... and have been with more women i would care to admit since then... but... i still remember And talk to my first.

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