What do I do please help?

My boyfriend and I fight everyday like sometimes I get jealous that he talks to his best friend more than me (his best friend is a girl) and he says he doesn't like anyone else but me and I believe him somtimes he says I treat him like a slave and he yells at me a lot for asking a question over again because I just want him to answer its a long distance relationship and when I ask him to send a video of him talking he says he will try but he never does what do i do I really want to be with him but I want him to be sweet like he used to be he always hated when I got mad at him but now he doesn't care.


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  • Well, one thing I can say is that he is talking to his best friend, his best female friend more than the talks to you, so that is certainly not a good sign. I can understand why you would feel jealous.

    Long distance relationships are hard, really don't know what to say to help you. I just hope you are ok.


What Girls Said 2

  • Girl calm down, you are too much about jealousy :D
    If this is long distance relationship, you are right being more and more jealous cause you can not see what is he doing over there or who he meets with but if you love him deeply you have to be patient
    dont tighten him too much :D let him breathe
    cause most of guys dont like being asked questions over and over time
    you should give each other a break at least

  • Break up.

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