Guys never like me back?

Curvy, Dark brown/ light brown mixed hair (its natural), brown eyes, nice

Guys never like me back. Every guy it has always seemed like they really liked me and then out of the blue... they 180 on me and say:
"Oh I don't think you and I would work out."
"I don't think we are meant to be together"
They all are handsome so they get lots of attention from other girls..

What am I doing wrong. I feel like I'm not pretty enough or I don't even know what. Help.


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  • Even I am not sure, what could be the exact reason.


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  • I don't know, your physical descriptiom sounds appealing cuz i love those brown-eyed brunette cuties, but whatcha mean by just nice?

    • I am very nice and I am outgoing.
      I love to talk to people and boost their mood. Helping them out whrn they are upset. I put "nice" because I didn't want to sound conceited

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    • Hmmm, maybe you should be more direct and let them know. The responses might be different

    • That's the thing. I don't beat around the bush. These guys I talk to. I tell them from the gate that I like them. And I have even said to the most recent one..
      "I like you and really want to get to know you better... want to hang out sometime?" And he said yes and asked for my number.

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  • attractive people go out with attractive people.
    normal people go out with normal people.
    ugly people go out with ugly people.
    What are you? lol :)