Online dating vs. outdoor dating?

here which dating is more good online dating or outdoor dating what you people feel about these 2 types of dating


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  • Online dating with or without web cam. More than 75% of communication occurs through body language, facial expressions, posture, miroring etc. You can establish mental attraction with someone online but without visual interaction it is difficult to establish physical attraction through touch or visually. Online is safer I supose intially and you can disconnect when every you feel like and use the ignore button


What Girls Said 1

  • I don't understand your question.

    Please correct me if I'm taking this the wrong way...

    I'm assuming by online dating, in this scenario you mean 2 people meeting on webcam or a chat room or something? And outdoor dating as in you meet in person...?

    If you're just chatting online, it's NOT dating, it will NEVER be dating. It's impossible to date someone if you've never met them face to face.